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Unraveling the Anabolic Window

Unraveling the Anabolic Window Click here to check out Mr. Bro Science’s perspective on the Anabolic Window There’s a long-held belief among fitness enthusiasts, particularly in the realm of bodybuilding, that consuming protein immediately after a workout—within what’s known as the “anabolic window”—is crucial for muscle recovery and growth. This idea has been disseminated so...

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No Whey: Whole Foods vs. Whey Protein

No Whey: Whole Foods vs Whey Protein We are often bombarded with conflicting information. One of the most debated topics is the comparison between whole foods and whey protein supplements. Bro-science, a term coined for anecdotal evidence often spread in gyms, suggests that whey protein can replace meals and is the key to rapid muscle...

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